Health promotion and quality of life

Paulo Marchiori Buss About the author

Several scientific evidences show the contribution of health to the quality of life of either individuals or populations. Similarly, many of the social life components that contribute to quality in life are also essential for individuals and populations to attain an adequate health standard. For individuals and populations to achieve appropriate health standards it is necessary not only access to quality medical-health services. Health determinants must be considered widely, thus requiring healthy public policies (concerned with its impacts on health), an effective intersectoral articulation, and the population's engagement. In this paper, the author reviews the emergency and development of health promotion by focusing his analysis on the above strategies, which according to the health sector's propositions would be the most promising strategies to improve the quality of life, especially in social formations where social-public health inequities are so many, as in Brazil. These strategies are materialized in the bases and practices of the healthy towns movement, which are strictly associated with public management innovations for the integral and sustainable local development, as well as with the local Agenda 21.

Health Promotion; Quality of Life

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