Boletim Epidemiológico Paulista (Paulista Epidemiologic Bulletin) - persistent trajectory

Clelia Maria Sarmento de Souza Aranda Lilian Nunes Schiavon Sylia Rehder About the authors


The Paulista Epidemiologic Bulletin (Bepa), created in 2004 is a monthly publication from the Coordinating Office of Diseases Control (CCD), from the State Office of Health of Sao Paulo (SES-SP) responsible for planning and executing actions of health promotion and preventing any risks and diseases throughout the covered areas of the system (SUS-SP). Originally as a proposal of a fast publication of objective informations it suffered transformations along the years and turned out to be an important tool for service actions and health managers. Funded exclusively by public resources it tries hard to maintain the monthly periodicity and disclosure of epidemiologic data, description of programmatic actions, health situation analysis and striking reports concerning the history of public health in Sao Paulo.

Key words
Periodic; Communication and Scientific divulgation; Spread of information

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