Labor management and the health and safety of thermoelectric plant workers: a study from the viewpoint of the activity

Hilka Flavia Saldanha Guida Jussara Brito Denise Alvarez About the authors

This article presents the labor management changes and the implications for occupational health and safety that occurred after two thermoelectric plants were acquired by a government-owned, joint stock with private investors, energy corporation. The changes led part of these workers to question their own professional abilities, as previously experienced workers were suddenly considered unqualified due to the new organizational model and restructuring implemented in their units. It was seen how lack of professional recognition in the workplace led to negative health and safety consequences for workers, as there were numerous cases of psychic anguish, emotional disorders, musculoskeletal problems, gastrointestinal disorders, etc. It was also seen that it is now possible to introduce a series of measures that can contribute to improve working conditions and, consequently, the lives of the workers. The benchmark used was Ergology, as well as aspects of the Psychodynamics of Work and the Ergonomics of the Activity. The methodology included a bibliographical survey of the theme, document analysis, semi-structured interviews, systematic activities observations and the validation of results with the research subjects.

Thermoelectric plants; Occupational health; Labor management; Productive Restructuring and Ergology

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