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The micropolitics of desire: the clinic of the individual in the mental health institution

The scope of this article is to discuss clinical practice issues in public mental health institutions, their predicaments and potential conditions, focusing especially on the practice “among others” of the psycho analyst in this clinic. The mental health field is a field in permanent revitalization, marked by the heterogeneity and plurality of guidelines, permeated by tensions between old models of care, new political objectives to redeem the minimum rights of a population traditionally excluded from social coexistence and proposals for a new clinical practice that concentrates on the individual. Based on clinical perceptions, I intend to approach the clinical treatment of the individual in a mental health institution, as well as the challenges of working in a team, bearing in mind the impositions of mental health policy arounnd which the services are structured. Our proposal is to think of the clinic as the micro politics of desire that sustains the daily work of monitoring the course of treatment for each individual

Mental health; Psychoanalysis; Individual; Clinic; Micropolitics

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