Health team: negotiations and limits of autonomy, belonging and the acknowledgement of others

Elaine Menezes da Silva Martha Cristina Nunes Moreira About the authors


The scope of this paper was to establish the significance of teamwork within the complex interaction in a Neonatal Unit. The techniques used for data collection were document analysis, participant observation and interviews. Twenty-four professionals working in a public and highly complex Neonatal Unit in the city of Rio de Janeiro were interviewed. The data were analyzed using the thematic approach of the content analysis technique, based on the literature on humanization, health work processes, teamwork and ergology. The conclusion drawn is that even in the neonatal environment, the construction of teamwork is established when the care model is geared to the logic responding to the health needs of individuals, taking into consideration the babies and their families, encompassing negotiations, limits of autonomy and notions of belonging and the recognition of others.

Key words
Humanization of care; Teamwork; Neonatal Unit

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