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Nursing and healthcare for workers: the experience of the immunization action at Fiocruz/Manguinhos

Paula Raquel dos Santos Nathalia Henrique Noronha Ubirajara Aluizio de Oliveira Mattos Delson da Silva About the authors

The worker, while doing his activities in contact with patogenic agents, is exposed to the risk of getting diseases that could result in death. The immunizaton appears as one of the ways to preserve and protect against this contamination. This article presents an experience of workers immunization during the period of 2005 to 2008, by the implantation of the project Nursing Integral Actions of Worker's Health Vigilance at Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz), Manguinhos campus, Rio de Janeiro. This is a descriptive, explorative and quantitative study, using primary data from the construction of the project. During the project 12.904 doses of different vaccines were applied in a population with a variety of job activities and ages. Civil construction, security, gardenering, maintenence and clearing service teams were the most mobilized and receptive to the activities. With this experience it was possible the instalation of the vaccination room at CST/DIREH/Fiocruz, the implantation of campaigns at the unities, specific immunization actions to the workers and operative groups and lectures focused in health education.

Occupational immunization; Worker's health surveillance; Human resources and work; Environment and healt

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