Training for nutritionists working on the Brazilian School Nutrition Program: an evaluation of its effectiveness

Ana Luiza Sander Scarparo Viviani Ruffo de Oliveira Jaqueline Marcela Villafuerte Bittencourt Eliziane Nicolodi Francescato Ruiz Patrícia Fogaça Fernandes Júlia Zanchetta Zys Cileide Cunha Moulin About the authors

This article seeks to verify the effectiveness of training for nutritionists conducted by the Cooperation Center for Student Food and Nutrition of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (CECANES UFRGS), between 2007 and 2009. The focus of the evaluation was to observe the perception of those subjects with regard to achieving the objectives of the training and the potential of the training topics covered in the training in order to change the day-to-day work of the Brazilian School Nutrition Program (PNEA). Methodology developed by the CECANES UFRGS team was used for the evaluation of effectiveness. Data collection was conducted with 118 nutritionists who work in school nutrition in the state of Rio Grande do Sul by filling out an electronic questionnaire specifically designed for this study. In the analysis of the results it was revealed that the training fulfilled its objectives (P < 0.05), making the assignments and what is expected of the professionals at PNAE clear to more than 95% of the nutritionists. When the participants were asked about the obstacles encountered, they reported difficulty in adapting the theory covered in the training with the reality in which they act. The themes addressed contributed to the promotion of changes in the implementation of management practices in the PNAE.

Nutritionist; Training; Effectiveness; School nutrition

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