Community health workers: reflections on the health work process in Covid-19 pandemic times

Fernanda Beatriz Melo Maciel Hebert Luan Pereira Campos dos Santos Raquel Araújo da Silva Carneiro Eliana Amorim de Souza Nília Maria de Brito Lima Prado Carmen Fontes de Souza Teixeira About the authors


Abstract This study discusses the reorganization of the Community Health Workers (CHWs) work process as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, considering its importance as a link between the community and the health services in the field of basic care. The literature review comes from the following databases: Virtual Health Library, Scientific Electronic Library Online, and the Brazilian Scientific Publications Portal databases in open access and document review of technical and normative notes from the Municipal Health Secretariats in Brazil. The analysis was based on the premises of Primary Health Care and on the axes of the CHW work, especially cultural competence and community orientation, aiming to discuss the changes introduced in this work regarding the following aspects: 1) health teams support, 2) use of telehealth, and 3) health education. This study concluded that the Covid-19 pandemic demanded reorganization of the work process and assistance flows in the field of basic care. In order for the CHW to continue developing their activities it is necessary to guarantee decent working conditions, training and continuing education, including the concern about the possible discontinuity of other care needed to ensure the population health care in the territory.

Key words
Coronavirus infections; Pandemics; Community health workers; Primary health care

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