Association between Vitamin A deficiency and socioeconomic, nutritional and obstetric variables

This study verified the night blindness prevalence, the first manifestation of this deficiency, and its association with socioeconomic, nutritionals and obstetric variables of 92 pregnant who were assisted on a health municipal center in Diamantina, Vale do Jequitinhonha. Data was collected through a model interview recommended by WHO (1996) to diagnose night blindness. The statistic analysis used Fisher exact test and Wilcoxon test. The results showed a higher prevalence of night blindness at Diamantina districts and neighbor cities (13.04%). No significant association was found between night blindness and socioeconomic and obstetric variables (p>0.05). It was observed a low vitamin A levels by pregnant with night blindness (4.4). This found shows the necessity of more investigations on vitamin A deficiency in order to help prevent, diagnose and combat this issue.

Vitamin A deficiency; Pregnant; Night blindness; Nutrition

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