The psychotherapeutic group in the CAPS

Cassandra Cardoso Nedio Seminotti About the authors

This article presents the results of a research which aimed at investigating the belongings to bonds of users of a psychotherapeutic group in a Psychosocial Aid Center (Caps). The methodology was qualitative. The qualitative textual analysis was applied to the corpus, which was built with the use of the participant observation technique, consisted of reports of eight psychotherapeutic group sessions, which were recorded and transcribed. The characterization of both the group and the research participants was based on the observer's records. The research was carried out from a bonding viewpoint, considering the complexity of the empiric universe. The central argument of this analysis has emerged from the discussion of the results, indicating that multiple belongings of the group users were related to bonds in their psychotherapeutic group as well as the ones they had in Caps, in the psychiatric hospital, in their families and in society.

Caps; Psychotherapeutic group; Bonds; Belongings

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