Covid-19 Pandemic: reflecting vulnerabilities in the light of gender, race and class

Fernanda Matheus Estrela Caroline Fernandes Soares e Soares Moniky Araújo da Cruz Andrey Ferreira da Silva Jemima Raquel Lopes Santos Tânia Maria de Oliveira Moreira Adriana Braitt Lima Márcia Gomes Silva About the authors


This study aims to reflect the impact of COVID 19, considering gender, race, and class markers. This is an exploratory study, with an emphasis on the analysis of selected publications, based on a systematized search on official websites, and on the PubCovid-19 platform that includes papers published on COVID-19, which are indexed in PubMed and EMBASE. This work was based on these documents and built with reflections from the authors from the perspectives of social markers related to gender, race, and class, which contribute to the prognosis of the disease. The reflection carried out from the analyzed literature revealed that the markers of gender, class, and race emerge as a vulnerable condition to the exposure of COVID-19 in the most diverse world scenarios. This context reveals the historical need to implement strategies to improve the lives of this population, not only during the pandemic but also after their passing. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt socioeconomic policies with a more significant impact on the lives of these people and with greater coverage, expanding access to better health, education, housing, and income.

Key words
COVID-19; Pandemic; Race and health; Gender; Social class

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