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Citizenship and mental health in Brazil: a contribution to the debate

The Brazilian debate around the exercise of the citizenship, in special, the scope of the sector health, recrudesces in the 1964 after-dictatorship, being distinguished the end of the decade of 70 as bubbling of questionings and organized movements. But valley to stand out the origin and destination of the citizenship that in Brazil was satisfied and is still satisfied, predominantly, as regulated, grantee, or either, a "settlement of accounts" granted in detriment of the real correspondence of the right of the diverse segment of the society, especially, of less the most favored. In the Brazilian mental health, already marked for critical elementary of the to overcrowd room and the inefficiency of the hospices, it is given for 1978 rollback the incipient organization of a new to look at on the Brazilian psychiatric assistance, where from now on, it is gone to foment in Brazil, the critical one not only to the structural situation of the lunatic asylum, but also and mainly to the authoritarian speech of erudition/power of psychiatry. Under this point of view the citizenship starts to be fulcrum of the new Brazilian psychiatric speech that, from 1990 with the Declaration of Caracas, only starts to have greater to be able of confrontation of the traditional assistance.

Citizenship; Health; Mental health; Brazil

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