Bibliographic production about adherence/non-adherence to therapy

Annelita Almeida Oliveira Reiners Rosemeiry Capriata de Souza Azevedo Maria Aparecida Vieira Anna Lucia Gawlinski de Arruda About the authors

Critical analysis of the Latin American bibliographical production over the last 10 years regarding the adherence / non-adherence to treatment of people with chronic health problems: leprosy, tuberculosis, hypertension, diabetes and AIDS. Thirty six articles were analyzed identifying the variables: year of publication, publication area and kind of study. Most of the articles (27) were produced by professionals of the medical area, in epidemiological studies, and of the nursing area (7) in qualitative and quanti-qualitative studies. The scientific production on the subject increased until 2002, when it began to drop. The authors repeatedly defended the idea that the role of the patient is to follow the recommendations of the health professional and that the patient is free to follow or not the treatment, the professional however being exempt from the responsibility for the consequences of this decision. The greater part of factors pointed out by the authors as contributing to non-adherence relates to the patient, showing that the major responsibility for the adherence / non-adherence to treatment is conferred upon him. The measures the authors indicate for solving the problem point to responsibility of professionals, health services, governments and teaching institutions.

Adherence to treatment; Non-adherence to treatment; Chronic disease

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