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Health education and education in the health system: concepts and implications for public health

Mirian Benites Falkenberg Thais de Paula Lima Mendes Eliane Pedrozo de Moraes Elza Maria de Souza About the authors

The scope of this paper is to analyze the key concepts and expressions related to health education and education in the health system and their interfaces in the field of Public Health. Since there are various interpretations among health professionals regarding such terminologies and their variants in daily practice, it is necessary to establish the difference between them. Consequently, an attempt is also made to establish the difference between the variants of the first, such as sanitary education, education for health and popular health education, which represent a series of practices that involve social participation to increase the autonomy of individuals and the community in order to make choices and to pursue a healthy lifestyle. The variants of the second include ongoing education and in-service education, namely the education provided to health professionals to improve their knowledge in the field of health, in order to improve the health care afforded to the population.

Health education; Ongoing education

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