Reflections on globalization and their impact on workers’ health and the environment

Oscar Feo Istúriz About the author

In this article there is assumed globalization as the imposition of a model of thinking, of a way of conceiving the world, the society, the production and distribution of goods, and the relationships between the nations, that is known as neoliberalism and constitutes the economic paradigm of our time, in which a group of financing institutions, closely linked to the interests of major corporations dominate the world in order to fulfill their expectations, changing dramatically the democracy conception. It is pointed out that Foreign Debt is one of the most important problems of the peoples of the world. And there is criticized the model of development that impedes an adequate redistribution of the social wealth, concentrates the capital, produces poverty and unemployment, and affects profoundly life, the environment, and workers' health. It is concluded, pointing out that it is an ethical and political imperative to struggle for a new model of organization of the production and the society. It is called to develop plans to protect workers' health and preserve the environment, construct organizational instruments for the popular education that causes to grow the conscience and the capacity for struggle of the large majorities.

Health; Globalization; Neoliberalism; Workers' healt

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