Is there teamwork in the Family Health Program?

The objective of the study was to know how team work in the Family Health Program is developed. A qualitative methodology was used. The study was performed in the city of Santo Antonio do Descoberto, in the Brazilian state of Goiás, with four complete basic teams more than six months ago. Focal groups had been formed, in two stages: the first with elements of each team individually, and later, with integrants of the four teams. For the analysis it was used the Discourse of the Collective Subject technique. It was evidenced that the subjects represent the team work as the union of the integrant ones in the search of a common objective. The work process occurs in a fragmented way, once the functions are carried in either an isolated or shared form, but not interactive or integrated. The absence of articulation of the actions becomes difficult that the teams find spaces for the elaboration of a local assistance project that meet the most ample needs of the population.

Patient care team; Family Health Program; Primary health care; Family health

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