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Risk factors of breast cancer and knowledge about the disease: an integrative revision of Latin American studies

Fatores de risco do câncer de mama e o conhecimento sobre a doença: revisão integrativa de estudos Latino Americanos

Aline Ferreira de Araújo Jerônimo Ângela Gabrielly Quirino Freitas Mathias Weller About the authors


The aim of this integrative review was to compare Latin American literature about risk and knowledge on breast cancer. Of 47 studies selected, 20 were about knowledge or awareness and 27 about risk of breast cancer. English was the dominant language in studies about risk, whereas studies about knowledge were mainly written in Spanish or Portuguese. Studies about knowledge were all cross- sectional, whereas case- control studies dominated authors’ interest about risk of breast cancer. Studies about knowledge were mainly focused on early detection of the disease and the most common study objective was breast self- examination (N = 14). In contrast, few studies about risk of breast cancer focused on early detection (N = 5). Obesity and overweight (N = 14), family history (N = 13), decreased parity (N = 12), and short breastfeeding duration (N = 10) were among the most frequent identified risk factors. Socio- economic factors such as income and educational level had variable effects on breast cancer risk and affected also knowledge of women about risk factors and early detection. Present results indicated that studies about risk of breast cancer were more often based on a better sound analytical background, compared to studies about knowledge, which were mostly descriptive.

Key words
Breast cancer; Early detection of cancer; Risk factors; Knowledge

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