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Analysis of different cultural aspects regarding oral health care in citizens of the rural riverside region in Rondônia State, Brazil

Ricardo Henrique Alves da Silva Roberta Francisca Martins de Castro José Roberto de Magalhães Bastos Luis Marcelo de Aranha Camargo About the authors

This study aimed to assess the popular practices in oral health care on pathologies such as dental caries, periodontal disease and others, in Tabajara District, Rondonia State, Brazil as folklore has a great importance on cultural aspects of the Brazilian people, and can be considered a social and cultural aspect at the same time, reaching and influencing people in oral health care. It was based in a quanti-qualitative study, being the sample composed by 14 women and 6 men. The research instrument comprehends a questionnaire with direct and subjective questions, for data analysis in descriptive form. The results show a low knowledge about oral health aspects, as well as many alternative methods for "treatment" and "prevention" of oral diseases. There is a need of deeply knowledge about the target population on health programs, as many times it can insert cultural changes and, in order to avoid being destructives, must analyses the social-cultural structure of the community.

Anthropology; Dentistry; Public health

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