Knowledge of students about visceral leishmaniasis in public schools in Caxias, Maranhão, Brazil

This is a sample survey (743 questionnaires) conducted in the months from April to November 2009 in ten pre-selected public schools located in eight districts of the city of Caxias. The students' knowledge of viral leishmaniasis (VL) and its transmission and prevention was evaluated through closed questionnaires. The results showed changes with the highest percentage of correct answers for answers about the transmission of disease and the symptoms of VL in humans and dogs after the campaign. However, educational campaigns are necessary measures to strengthen public participation in combating VL since before the educational work the majority of students stated that the disease was prevented by avoiding contact with sick dogs, however, after the campaign they stated that they avoid accumulations of trash. The research may serve as input to orient further educational actions of local teams for the control of VL.

Campaigns; Visceral leishmaniasis; Prevention

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