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Knowledge of health professionals about the rights of hospitalized children: an exploratory study

Along the years, the rights of children and adolescents including those related to hospital context have been proclaimed in Brazil. The low level of knowledge by health professionals about the rights can be a factor that contributes to that non observance. In this paper, we tried to understand how health professionals who deal with inpatient children on a daily basis perceive children's and their families' rights. It was a research of descriptive aspect with qualitative analysis using semi-structured interviews. Eleven interviews have been carried out with health professionals of a pediatrics hospital in the city of Fortaleza, capital of the state of Ceará, during 2006. The analysis of the data happened after a process of multiple readings and these were interpreted with the reference regarding the elaborated topics. The analysis resulted in two themes: Knowledge of children's rights by the multi-professional team and Guarantee of children's rights. We can conclude that health professionals know children's rights partially, especially those rights contained in the ECA (Children and Adolescent's Statute), with a tendency to see mainly those rights which were limited to their professional category: the guarantee of children's rights is one of the objectives of the hospital and a desire of almost all professionals.

Child; Hospitalized; Child advocacy; Health personnel

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