Contemporary challenges on access to medicines: beyond the UNSG High-Level Panel

Desafios contemporâneos no acesso a medicamentos: para além do painel de alto nível do Secretario Geral das Nações Unidas

Jorge Bermudez About the author


Within the context of the recently released United Nations Secretary-General´s Report of the High-Level Panel on Access to Medicines, the author reviews issues related to the context and discussions on access to medicines and the conflict between trade and health during the last decades. These issues have been relevant and outstanding in Global Health, especially questioning the current system of innovation, R&D and IP protection. Lessons learned from the HLP Report are highlighted and the need to further discuss and implement concrete actions, as the world has moved from the MDGs to the SDGs, demand strong actions derived from the United Nations and a strong interaction with other key stakeholders. Affordability and unaffordability of new technologies are discussed, making clear that we need to implement bold actions in order to ensure access to medicines as a human right.

Health policies; Access to medicine; Global health

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