Reflections around the performance of community health agents in oral health strategies

Ana Larissa Fernandes de Holanda Aldenísia Alves de Albuquerque Barbosa Ewerton William Gomes Brito About the authors

The Community Health Agent (CHA) has traditionally been linked to doctors and nurses, being considered exclusive "property" of these professionals. Historically, oral health tended to operate isolated, disconnecting the mouth from the rest of the body and the individual from his environment. The Family Health Program (FHP) points to important changes in the organization of services as well as in the work process. One of the differences is the teamwork joining different professionals, including oral health which was previously excluded. The objective of the study is to show the experience of the CHA qualifying course, which allowed the entrance of different professional categories into teaching. The course included three odontologists as lecturers, and CHA recognized other individuals as health team members, as well as expand the view of its role within oral health. The professors also had their practices modified, given that they could understand the often ignored suffering and limitations of the CHAs.

CHA; Oral health; Team; Family Health Program

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