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Significances of health and ways of taking care of oneself prepared by male frequenters of Basic Health Units - UBS

The research sought to understand the significances of health and ways of taking care of oneself prepared by male frequenters of a Basic Health Unit - UBS in Manaus. The method used was qualitative research through semi-structured interviews with male frequenters and healthcare professionals of a UBS located in the outskirts of Manaus in the state of Amazonas. Data were analyzed using techniques of Thematization, Content Analysis and Significance Processing based on the Social Constructivist approach proposed by Spink. The research revealed the multifaceted issues of gender, which show that men "are not all equal," as there are various types of masculinities. The men interviewed in the health service showed that there are significances of health that they share with each other, but they also differ in many dimensions. The survey reflected that the plurality of significances of health and the ways of taking care of oneself confer a human character upon health and claim the proactive role of frequenters in the construction of a system of comprehensive health care. They point to indicators that can contribute to interventions in health for increasing the visibility of men in the health services and consequently the ability of the services to deal with them.

Significances of health; Ways of taking care of oneself; Men; Basic Health Unit; Social constructionism

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