Mental images around pregnancy

The present article is based on a study carried in six municipalities of Braga district where we performed semi-structured interviews to 100 women who had just given birth in a maternity hospital in the northern area of the country and whose residence were located in the municipalities of Amares, Braga, Póvoa de Lanhoso, Vila Verde, Vieira do Minho and Terras de Bouro. We tried to identify the representations of these women in reference to their pregnancy experience, where we point out that the origin of these representations is connected to a triangulate vision of the concept of health, illness and of the body. And all these concepts constitute extraordinarily positive aspects since some contribute towards an affectionate connection to the baby or a prenatal bond. It is important to point out that the knowledge hereby revealed is at most times a result of beliefs culturally rooted and that should be analysed or demystified upon the prenatal surveillance consultation.

Psychosocial representation; Health; Sickness; Body; Pregnancy

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