Health promotion and citizenship: the perception of the teacher about citizenship

Cynthia Rachid Bydlowski Ana Maria Cavalcanti Lefèvre Isabel Maria Teixeira Bicudo Pereira About the authors

General health conditions as well as quality of life must urgently be improved in developing countries. This improvement could be achieved, at least in part, by the practice of citizenship. Education exerts a special role in citizenship development. In this regard, teachers in school are of great importance, since they influence and inspire the students beyond the formal curricula. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the citizenship perception of teachers from basic and junior schools, and their opinion about their role and the school on the student citizenship development. Forty teachers from public schools in the city of Sao Paulo (SP, Brazil) were interviewed. Their opinions and speeches were analysed employing qualitative methods. It has been observed that the teachers consider the school as the place where citizenship should be developed. They know how important are their attitudes and disposition of mind on student formation. They understand "citizenship" as active participation in the society, beyond rights, duties and knowledge.

Health promotion; Citizenship; Education

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