After vaccination adverse effects in the city of Campo Grande (MS, Brazil)

Sabrina Piacentini Luciana Contrera-Moreno About the authors

The implantation of Vaccination Adverse Effects System enabled the formation of critical professionals with knowledge that could offer more security to the patients and avoid false contraindication. The aim of the study was to know the main incidents of the adverse reactions in Campo Grande (MS, Brazil). Data were conducted by notifications cards of After Vaccinations Adverse Effects located at the Reference Center of Special Immunobiological from January to July-2006. Most of the people who did the notification were patients aging up to 10 years old (53.6%), and 63.4% from female sex. The vaccine who caused more reactions was the adult diphtheria-tetanus (26.8%) comparing to the tetravalent (19.5%) and 63.4% happened in the first 24 hours. The adverse events more notificated were ache, blush and heat (22.4%), followed by enduration (18.4%) and in 75.6% of the cases it was used a conduct to the vaccination process. There is a need for capacitating human resources upon the importancy of notifications for the after vaccinations adverse effects, contributing in this way for the perfection of our imunobiologics.

Adverse effects following vaccine; Immunization program; Vaccine

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