Healthy and sustainable diet: a narrative review of the challenges and perspectives

Suellen Secchi Martinelli Suzi Barletto Cavalli About the authors


Based on the principle that a non-sustainable food system is not capable of producing healthy food for consumption, food can only be considered healthy if it is also sustainable, going beyond the nutritional perspective. Therefore, a narrative review of the scientific literature on the sustainable and health food system was conducted, regarding aspects of production, processing, marketing and consumption, seeking to pinpoint the challenges and perspectives for its consolidation. Food systems needs to be related to a food production and consumption system which protects biodiversity and promote a diverse consumption, bringing back traditional dishes and preparation techniques. It should also be accessible and available for everyone, both in quantity and in quality, based on food that is locally produced by family farmers through agroecology and founded on fair trade, bringing production and consumption closer together. In addition, it must be free from physical, biological or chemical contaminants that cause damage to everyone involved, whether it be an isolated incident or chronically.

Key words
Food production; Products commerce; Food-processing industry; Health behavior

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