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Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) for confectionery manufacturing in developing countries: Turkish delight production as a case study

Análise dos Efeitos e Modos de Falhas (FMEA) para fabricação de doces em países em desenvolvimento: produção de Delícia turca como um estudo de caso

The Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) was applied for risk assessment of confectionary manufacturing, in whichthe traditional methods and equipment were intensively used in the production. Potential failure modes and effects as well as their possible causes were identified in the process flow. Processing stages that involve intensive handling of food by workers had the highest risk priority numbers (RPN = 216 and 189), followed by chemical contamination risks in different stages of the process. The application of corrective actions substantially reduced the RPN (risk priority number) values. Therefore, the implementation of FMEA (The Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) model in confectionary manufacturing improved the safety and quality of the final products.

FMEA; traditional food; confectionery; food safety; Turkish delight

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