Meat quality characteristics of exotic and SPRD crossbred goats from the semiarid region

Qualidade da carne de caprinos exóticos e mestiços SPRD da região semiárida

Ertha Janine Lacerda de Medeiros Francisco Harley de Oliveira Mendonça Rita de Cássia Ramos do Egypto Queiroga Marta Suely Madruga About the authors

Thirty-two intact male goats from four genetic groups (eight pure-bred Boers, eight ¾ Boer + ¼ SPRD crossbreeds, eight ½ Boer + ½ SPRD crossbreeds, and eight ½ Anglo Nubian + ½ SPRD crossbreeds) were evaluated for meat quality. The goats were reared in confinement and slaughtered at the average live weight of 29 kg. Temperature and pH decrease in the longissimus dorsi muscle was determined for 24 hours, and analyses of colour, cooking loss, water-holding capacity, and sensory attributes were also performed. Genotype significantly (P < 0.05) influenced the confinement period; ½ Boer + ½ SPRD crossbreeds required the most time in confinement to reach the target weight, while the pure-bred Boers required the least time. Genotype also significantly influenced (P < 0.05) the weight loss due to cooking, shearing force, colour (intensity of yellowness and luminescence), and the sensory attributes of flavour, odour, and raw colour of the meat. The crossing of exotic Boer and Anglo Nubian breeds with the native SPRD resulted in a goat meat of high quality.

anglo nubian; boer; genotypes; goat; meat quality; SPRD

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