PHAs in spirits

The presence of PHAs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocabons) in spirits has been investigated using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) after solid phase extraction (SPE). The separation was achieved with a Supelco LCPAH-octadecil silane column [25cm x 4,6mm x 5mm] and acetonitrile/water elution gradient and the quantification using a fluorescence detector. The PHAs (naphthalene; acenaphthene; fluorene; phenantrene; anthracene; phuorantene; pyrene; 1,2-benzo(e)pyrene; chrysene; benzo(e)pyrene; 2,3-benzo(a)anthracene; 1,2-benzo(b)phluoranthene; benzo(k)fluoranthene; dibenzo(a,h)anthracene; benzo(a)pyreno; benzo(ghi)pyrilene were quantifed in twenty eight samples of sugar cane spirits. All the experimental data for sugar cane spirit have been analyzed through principal components analysis (PCA) aiming to compare the chemical profile of beverages produced from burned and not burned sugar cane.

sugar cane spirit; burned sugar cane; polycyclic aromatic hydrocarborns

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