Hemodialysis patients with arteriovenous fistula: knowledge, attitude and practice

Natália Ramos Costa Pessoa Francisca Márcia Pereira Linhares About the authors


To identify the knowledge, attitude and practice in self-care patients receiving dialysis with arteriovenous fistula.


Descriptive study and cross-sectional quantitative approach in 30 patients using the AV fistula to performed dialysis at the Barao de Lucena Hospital.


97.7% of patients had inadequate knowledge. The attitude was adequate in 70% of those who responded the survey. The self-care practice with the fistula was inadequate in 97.7% of patients.


Although most patients have an appropriate attitude toward the care of the fistula, their knowledge and practice were inadequate. The inadequate knowledge, probably, influenced the inadequate practice. The use of written material can be recommended as a facilitator for a future educational strategies instrument, since it also allows for subsequent reading by the user, allowing him to overcome any doubts.

Renal Dialysis; Health education; Self-care; Arteriovenous Fistula

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