Biosafety: knowledge and compliance by fire military brigade of Minas Gerais

It was aimed to identify knowledge and adherence of biosafety recommendations by military Firefighters of Minas Gerais from a city in the metropolitan area of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. A cross-sectional study of quantitative approach was held. The study instrument was a structured questionnaire that included questions about knowledge and attitudes related to biosafety, complicating factors for adherence to standard precautions and incidence of accidents involving biological materials. It was demonstrated knowledge about hand hygiene recommendation in 84,8%, 69,7% didn't know the way of alcohol 70% action. The scrubs were cited as the most difficult personal protective equipment to be used. The militaries haven't had any accident with biological material, similar data to other from literature. It is intended to provoke reflection of the professionals in the area and institutions responsible about the reassessment of the proposal related to the formation of these workers in biosafety and occupational health.

Exposure to Biological Agents; Prehospital Care; Universal precautions; Occupational Risks

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