Integrality of care for the aged in the family health strategy: the vision of the team

Aline Torres Coutinho Regina Célia Popim Karyn Carregã Wilza Carla Spiri About the authors


The study aimed to understand how care for the aged has been accomplished at Family Health Units according to health professionals.


Qualitative study, using social phenomenological analysis according to Alfred Schutz.


Seven professionals with a higher education degree were interviewed with the help of a guiding question. Based on the analysis, the following was evidenced: care based on health programs, to the detriment of care integrality and the expanded clinic, and view of integral care needs and perspectives.


This study reveals the need to improve elderly care. The professionals recognize the population aging and indicate the need for training. The education of health workers education is the starting point for change. In addition, managers and the State need to organize a care network that includes the elderly, with services offered according to the demand.

Aged; Family Health; Comprehensive Health Care

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