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Education for culture of patient safety: Implications to professional training

Wiliam Wegner Silvana Cruz da Silva Karen Jeanne Cantarelli Kantorski Caroline Maier Predebon Márcia Otero Sanches Eva Neri Rubim Pedro About the authors



To know the strategies adopted for the construction of patient safety culture from the perspective of health professionals.


A qualitative exploratory case study, held with 23 health professionals that work in a public teaching hospital, between August and December of 2010, conducted through semi-structured interviews and thematic analysis supported by QSR NVivo software.


From the analysis emerged two categories - Construction of patient safety culture; and Education for patient safety - which addressed from the health professionals' perspective the need to learn from mistakes, the importance of teamwork, invest in continuing education and curriculum changes in training courses.


The acknowledgement of mistakes, the strengthening of teamwork, stimulus to continuing education and cross integration of the theme in professional training are strategies to build patient safety culture.

Patient safety; Continuing education; Teaching; Health professionals

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