Intra-family violence: experiences and perceptions of adolescents

Júlia Renata Fernandes de Magalhães Nadirlene Pereira Gomes Rosana Santos Mota Luana Moura Campos Climene Laura de Camargo Selma Regina de Andrade About the authors



To unveil cases of domestic violence experienced by adolescents and to identify whether they recognize themselves in this situation.


A qualitative study based on oral history was performed. A total of eight adolescent students from a public school were interviewed in the city of Salvador, Bahia, Northeastern Brazil. The data were organized according to thematic analysis and it was analyzed based on the following themes: domestic violence and adolescence.


The oral history of adolescents revealed a childhood and adolescence marked by the presence of domestic violence between their parents and the experience of physical abuse, humiliation, abandonment and negligence. Despite such context and health impact, adolescents did not recognize themselves as victims.


Health education actions are required in schools and health services, mainly in primary health care, aiming to sensitize professionals about the recognition and prevention of violence. Management that prioritizes these elements as governmental policies is required.

Domestic Violence; Adolescent; Nursing; Education

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