Central neuropathic pain after traumatic spinal cord injury: functional capacity and social aspects

Janaina Vall Violante Augusta Batista Braga About the authors

Comparative study of case with the aim of evaluating the functional capacity and social aspects of two patients, both with traumatic spinal cord injury, without and with central neuropathic pain associated, respectively. To evaluate the functional capacity it was used as instrument Functional Independence Measure. And to evaluate the social aspects the ecomap of each patient one it was built, extolled by the model Calgary of evaluation of families. Both were applied in the patient's home. The results showed that the patient ones with central neuropathic pain secondary to the spinal cord injury possess low functional capacity and precarious social net of support, when compared with the patient with the same conditions, however without associated pain.

Paraplegia; Pain; Rehabilitation Nursing; Social Support

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