The nursing diagnosis of aspiration risk in critical patients* * Extracted from the thesis "Nursing diagnoses of domain safety/protection in patients ate intensive care unit", Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, 2014.

Miclécia de Melo Bispo Ana Livia de Medeiros Dantas Priscila Kaline de Andrade Silva Maria Isabel da Conceição Dias Fernandes Jéssica Dantas de Sá Tinôco Ana Luisa Brandão de Carvalho Lira About the authors



To analyze the nursing diagnosis of risk of aspiration and the relationship with its risk factors in the patient hospitalized in the intensive care unit.


A transversal study undertaken in the adult intensive care unit of a teaching hospital in the Northeast of Brazil, with a sample of 86 patients. The data were collected through the use of an interview questionnaire and physical examination in October 2013 - May 2014.


The diagnosis was present in 43 patients (50%). A total of 17 risk factors was identified: related mainly to swallowing, enteral nutrition, gastrointestinal motility, gastric emptying, neurological standard, ventilation interfaces, events which were secondary to the treatment, and surgical procedures.


The diagnosis of risk of aspiration and its risk factors are present in the critical patients, making the planning of care in this context fundamental.

Nursing diagnosis; Intensive Care; Health care

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