The interfaces of the care from the look of the complexity: a study with a group of post-graduation students in nursing

Alacoque Lorenzini Erdmann Keyla Cristiane do Nascimento Gabriela Marcelino Juliana Aparecida Ribeiro About the authors

The care is an interactive, dynamic, solidary, technician-scientific, creative process, and characterizes the work of the Nursing. It was objectified to identify the care concept, the spaces where the same it happens, who practices it and which its dimensions, visualized by students of the post-graduation level in Nursing of a Federal University. It is about a qualitative study, exploratory-descriptive. The collection of data was realized in October and November of 2004, by means interview with 15 learning of after-graduation in nursing. The data had been submitted to the thematic content analysis, interpreted to the look of the complexity theory. The results show the types of care, spaces of care, involved human beings, and the dimensions of care visualized by the persons of the study. These results point a care however more creative, with responsibility and more autonomy, and however more charitable and solidarity. The complexity of the care is evidenced in the relations, interactions and associations of the human beings, in the diverse social spaces.

Nursing Care; Concept Formation; Students Nursing

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