Repercussions of proactivity in the management of care: Perceptions of nurses* * Article extracted from the Master's Thesis "Proactivity of the nurse in the management of care", presented to the Nursing Graduate Program of Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (PPGENF-UFRGS), 2013.

Gímerson Erick Ferreira Clarice Maria Dall'Agnol Adrize Rutz Porto About the authors



To know the perceptions of nurses regarding proactivity in the management of care.


Exploratory-descriptive study with a qualitative approach, data collection by vignette technique with 35 nurses, submitted to content analysis.


The information converged into four thematic categories: proactivity as a driver of organizational development; proactivity as an opportunity to go beyond the disease; proactivity as a stimulus for cooperation, leadership and team learning; proactivity for encouraging fulfillment and recognition in the work.


The nurses understood that their actions, when undertaken proactively, can beneficially affect different areas related to the management of care: of the organization, of the user, of the team and of the individual. The study contributes to a reflection regarding the way of acting of the nurse, raising possible implications and stimulating opportunities for strategic articulations and for individual and collective actions that enable the development of best practices in the management of care.

Nurse's role; Health management; Nursing

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