Men and motorcycle accidents: characterization of accidents from pre-hospital care

Fábio Lucio Tavares Maria José Coelho Franciéle Marabotti Costa Leite About the authors


To describe the profile of incidents involving motorcycles attended by SAMU-ES (Emergency Care Service of Espírito Santo) from January to March 2012.


Documentary, descriptive study with a quantitative approach. Data were collected from 901 Official Incidents of a Pre-Hospital Care, guided by data collection instrument.


From 901 injured, 89.6% were motorcyclists aged 15-32 years old (67.5%). It was not possible to estimate helmet use or alcohol consumption due to the large number of skipped (86.9% and 93.2%, respectively). The accidents were caused by falls (50.5%), in Vitória (28.1%), on Fridays (22.5%), between 8 am to 9:59 am (23.1%).


It is evident therefore, the importance of establishing measures of prevention to motorcycle accidents as a way to effect the National Policy for Integral Attention to Men's Health in Brazil.

Emergency Nursing; Men's Health; Motorcycles; Accidents

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