Decent work and occupational vulnerability in Brazil

The main challenge of the "decent work agenda" is the reduction of occupational vulnerability. In Brazil, despite efforts to reduce unemployment, to fight the precarious work and eradicate the most serious situations of exclusion and discrimination, the proportions of workers without regular job and/or exposed to a very precarious occupational insertion remain very high. The article aims to: (i) present the policy agenda suggested by the ILO to promote decent work and fighting various forms of occupational vulnerability; (ii) verify if the economic recovery (2004-2008) produced a significant reduction in the job opportunities deficit and in the proportion of precarious works in the country; and (iii) examine the main types of vulnerability among Brazilian workers after the economic crises that occurred between late 2008 and mid 2009. In addition, we intend to highlight the importance of sustaining robust economic growth and, at the same time, eliminate the culture of informality.

Decent work; Precarious work; Informal work

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