Custos de oportunidade para alocação de efluentes nas áreas plantadas de cana na bacia do rio Pirapama

This paper identifies the opportunity costs in effluent allocation over sugarcane crop acres located more than 2Km away from the agroindustry plant JB, during the harvest season. The optimization problem described herein explains why these opportunity costs are usually missed. Actually, these costs derive from the marginal values associated to the decision-making variables concerning an economic benefit maximization problem resolved using the General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS) and from the dual analysis of the linearized problem therein. Besides, different effluent transportation and effluent treatment cost coefficients were considered in simulating possible impacts and benefits regarding effluent allocation. This approach supports the optimal definition of charging and/or subsidizing schemes best suited to allocate effluents over sugarcane crops located farther away from hub agroindustry plants, not just for more disseminated productivity gains, but also for best compliance with river water quality constraints.

effluents; fertirrigation; opportunity cost

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