Physical activity and stress coping in the elderly

Fernando de Andréa Fernanda Varkala Lanuez Adriana Nunes Machado Wilson Jacob FilhoAbout the authors



To analyze the value of a physical activity program on stress coping of the elderly.


Intervention study with a group of 18 elderly people referred by the Geriatric Service of the Hospital das Clinicas of the Universidade de Sao Paulo, who attended a supervised exercise program, evaluated by the human activity profile and the coping questionnaire.


In the coping and functional performance scales, increased stress coping capacity and improvement of daily activities were found after exposure to a physical activity program.


The practice of supervised and regular physical activity, combining aerobic, resistance, stretching, and respiratory exercises, yields positive effects in the coping capacity and in the accomplishment of the daily activities.

Aged; Motor activity; Stress, psychological; Questionnaires

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