How polymorphic markers contribute to genetic diseases in different populations? The study of inhibin A for premature ovarian insufficiency

Denise Maria Christofolini Emerson Barchi Cordts Fernando Santos-Pinheiro Erika Azuma Kayaki Mayla Cristina Fernandes Dornas Monise de Castro Santos Bianca Bianco Caio Parente Barbosa About the authors



To verify the incidence of the G679A mutation in exon 2 of the gene inhibin alpha (INHA), in women with secondary amenorrhea and diagnosis of premature ovarian insufficiency, and in controls.


A 5mL sample of peripheral blood was collected from all study participants in an EDTA tube and was used for DNA extraction. For the patient group, 5mL of blood were also collected in a tube containing heparin for karyotype, and 5mL were collected in a dry tube for follicle stimulant hormone dosage. All patient and control samples were initially submitted to analysis of the G679A variant in exon 2 of the INHA gene by PCR-RFLP technique. Samples from patients with premature ovarian insufficiency after PCR-RFLP were submitted to Sanger sequencing of the encoding exons 2 and 3. Sequencing was performed on ABI 3500 GeneticAnalyzer equipment and the results were evaluated by SeqA and Variant Reporter software.


Samples of 70 women with premature ovarian insufficiency and 97 fertile controls were evaluated. The G769A variant was found in only one patient in the Premature Ovarian Insufficiency Group and in no control, and it appears to be rare in Brazilian patients with premature ovarian insufficiency. This polymorphism was previously associated to premature ovarian insufficiency in several populations worldwide.


There is genetic heterogeneity regarding the INHA gene in different populations, and among the causes of premature ovarian insufficiency.

Menopause, premature; Ovarian follicle; Mutation; Polymorphism, genetic; Inhibins

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