Conservative treatment in isolated penetrating cervical esophageal injury: case report

Non-iatrogenic traumatic cervical esophageal perforations are usually hard to manage in the clinical setting, and often require a careful and individualized approach. The low incidence of this particular problem leads to a restricted clinical experience among most centers and justify the lack of a standardized surgical approach. Conservative treatment of esophageal perforation remains a controversial topic, although early and sporadic reports have registered the efficacy of non-operative care, especially following perforation in patients that do not sustain any other kind of injuries, and who are hemodynamically stable and non-septic. We report a case of a patient sustaining a single cervical gunshot wound compromising the cervical esophagus and who was treated exclusively with cervical drainage, enteral support and antibiotics.

Esophageal perforation; Upper gastrointestinal tract; Esophagus; Esophagus; Case reports

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