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The ontological dimension: a possible way for the realization of interdisciplinarity 1 1 Translated by Felipe Côrtes da Silva.


This article aims to critically analyze the idealistic and non-historical conceptions of interdisciplinarity wide-spread among Brazilian academic-scientific literature. The intent is to display the uncertainties contained in the so-called interdisciplinary theoretical proposals, having the ideological, phenomenological, abstract and arbitrary field as the grounding that supports knowledge fragmentation; through epistemological discourse solely, not reaching the ontological dimension - the possible path to build interdisciplinarity. It is essential, primarily, to historically review the movements that originated the fragmented approach of reality. Hereafter, a brief introduction and discussion about the state of knowledge regarding interdisciplinarity among Brazilian qualified publications. Following, there is a discussion focusing the fragmentation and its results, from a historical movement of increasingly social reality complexity. Finally, this standard is criticized. For such purpose, the dialectical and historical materialism is used as the guideline, from an ontological, political and epistemological perspective.

Interdisciplinarity; Epistemology; Ontology; Historical-dialectical materialism

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