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Avaliação oficial: o que dizem os professores sobre o impacto na prática docente

Official evaluation: what teachers say about its impact on teaching practice

Gisele Francisca da Silva Carvalho Maria do Socorro Alencar Nunes Macedo About the authors

The objective of this article is to discuss, based on evidences gathered from the discourse of literacy teachers, the impact that the Proalfa Program (Literacy Evaluation Program of the State of Minas Gerais) may have on their practice. The investigation instruments used were a documental research and, as a central tool, two meetings with a focus group comprised of seven literacy teachers. Theoretical-methodological support was drawn from concepts such as those of reform and change, as proposed by Popkewitz, tactics and strategies, postulated by Certeau, and also the concepts of polyphony and voices, authority discourse and internally persuasive, from Bakhtin's enunciation theory. Results indicate that, faced with government strategies, teachers resort to tactics of consumerism of what is imposed to schools as something to be followed. The tactics employed vary according with the legitimacy attributed to the objectives of the policy, that is to say, in order to have teachers act in such a way as to contribute to the Proalfa, they first have to be convinced that it will work. In the aspects where this persuasion fails to occur, teachers put in practice resistance tactics, mainly through discourses characterized by elements explaining what is not being achieved, as well as the possible causes for it.

Official evaluation; Discourse; Teacher practice; Impact

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