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Evaluation of analyte additions method for sodium determination in fuel ethanol by flame atomic emission spectrometry

Adriana Paiva de Oliveira Leonardo Luiz Okumura José Anchieta Gomes Neto Mercedes de Moraes About the authors

The analyte additions method was applied for sodium determination in fuel ethanol by atomic emission spectrometry. Graphics involving emission intensity versus analyte concentration in the 0 - 0.300 mg Na L-1 interval concentration range contaning 2.1 g K L-1 as an ionisation buffer. Twenty samples of commercial fuel ethanol were collected in differents gas stations located in Araraquara city, analyzed and results obtained varied from 0.0072 to 1.55 mg Na L-1. The limits of detecction (L.O.D.) varied from 0.0026 to 0.0239 mg Na L-1. Recoveries varied in the 95 - 104 % interval. The relative standard deviations (n=12) for three analyte additions in all samples were <FONT FACE=Symbol>£</FONT> 4,1 %.

Flame atomic emission spectrometry; analyte additions method; fuel ethanol; sodium

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