Contributions on the field of Sociology of childhood: dialogues with Lourdes Gaitán Muñoz

Monique Aparecida Voltarelli About the author


Lourdes Gaitán Muñoz is a recognized Spanish researcher in the field of Sociology of Childhood. Her work is developed on two main pillars: childhood as a permanent category of the social structure and children as socials actors. Gaitán Muñoz has publications like books, book chapters and magazine articles that bring important elements to think about children in society and understanding the organization and structuring of the field of sociology of childhood. Her main areas of research have been in childhood studies in society, the lives of migrant children, social policies for children, childhood and rights, citizenship and children's participation in society. The interview was developed personally in November 2016, and is divided into three parts that address the work and the professional life of the author; discussions on the field in Spain and Latin America; and the children’s life in society. Thus, the interview sought to discuss the essential elements of the author's works and their contributions to the field of the sociology of childhood.

Sociology of childhood; Scientific field; Children; Research.

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