The body in updated racism

Viviane Castro Camozzato About the author

I have analysed racism concept from its relationship with the body discourses and its centrality when making contemporary subjects. It is critical here that the process of investing and valuing the body cannot be separated from all discussions suggested by the growing investment on life coming from biopower - a power based on 'live and let die' and which, in the case of discussions analysed in this paper, also implies racist practices involving separating people as 'different ones' in an unbridled search for 'purity' referred to in the analysed writings as a characteristic for 'thin' people as opposed to 'fat' ones. So I have discussed the existence of updated contemporary racism, once it is also possible to kill with words, silence, and moral judgment; that is, through constructing the 'others' as different in the name of identity references.

body; rule; biopower; racism

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